About the Guild of Maintainers

The Guild Of Maintainers has evolved over the years since it's formation back in 2007. The main focus of the guild has changed several times as the Uru community has evolved and changed. Primary focus of the guild when it was formed was with the idea that we would be helping Cyan inspect new content meant for MOUL while it was with Game Tap. Later, with MOUL shut down, the guild's primary focus turned to starting to inspect Fan created content, and in keeping touch with those in our community that had gone on to other online MMOs.

Over the past year, we have seen the Uru community evolve yet again, with the resurrection of MOUL in the form of MOUL:a, Myst Online, Uru Live: again, the release of Cyan's tools used with 3DS Max 7.0 for creating Ages, and great advancements in Fan Created tools. During the past year, 2010, we saw a large increase in Fan Created Ages. We also saw huge increase in quality of those Ages, including content for them. New "Public" Shards have sprung up that contain these Fan Ages, allowing people in the Uru community to once again explore new places online together.

With these changes, focus of the Guild Of Maintainers will shift slightly too. Primary focus before was on helping retain contact with people who had left the Uru community to pursue areas on other platforms. Large areas on other platforms have been dedicated to Myst and Uru. The people in those areas have worked hard and with people from our guild to create some very unique and beautiful places on these other platforms, complete with story lines and events. Much of this has been shared here, and over at the MOUL forums, in an attempt to not only keep people on these separate platforms in touch, but to help spread the idea of Uru from being on just one single platform to a wide spectrum of communities.

The shift in focus will not remove any of this work that has gone on here, and will in fact continue. However, one area of the guild that I will be personally revamping is our Fan Age Inspection area. I hope to help increase not only the amount but quality of inspections of Fan Ages. New training will be available, and a more organized area for the inspections. I sincerely look forward to seeing more and more of these published on our forum.

Where will our guild possibly go from here? There is no telling. The Uru community will continue to evolve and change. Nothing is static about our community, for we are made up of very diverse groups, with many ideas and dreams. However, one this is for sure, as the community changes and evolves, so will our guild.

- Andy Legate

Age Development

As with the D'ni maintainers of old, some present-day maintainers are students of the Art of Age Writing. D'Lanor and Andy Legate can answer any questions you may have here. The department offers resources, tutorials, trouble-shooting discussion and support to all.


One of the core roles of the D'ni maintainers was to inspect Ages before others to check on their safety. The modern guild does much the same in inspecting and testing new Ages, both prior to and after general release to the public. This is done currently using Uru: Complete Chronicles via the Uru Age Manager (UAM). Maintainers in our guild can write inspection reports on Fan Created Ages to help provide Age Creators supportive feedback.

Projects - Uru Community

This area has been used in the past to help host projects that tend to concern events on MOUL:a in the past. It will continue to do so, but can also help with events held on Uru Shards that are run and managed by Uru Fans in the community. This also includes the GoMa Documentation services for Journals used in Fan Ages.

Projects - Cross Platform

The guild has many other projects that don't easily fit within other forum areas. Dot can answer your questions regarding this area, which looks after projects run by Uru community people in other online worlds (e.g. OSgrid, SL). We have found that this is a good way to keep in touch with members from the Uru community that spend time on these other platforms, and helping keep them involved and in touch with the Uru community.