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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2011, 09:02 am 
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Can someone please tell me how to get started in Blender?

All I want to know is how to get set up.

I have installed Blender 2.57b. I want to install this PyPRP2. But I can't.

The readme.txt file in PyPRP tells me to "Copy the PyPRP2 folder to your addons directory". I don't have a addons directory!! It did not create one.

But I can create one. I have placed it in the 2.57 directory. I can empty the PyPRP winzip file into it.

Now following the PyPRP video - which totally omits the install process for some reason - I run up Blender, I go into User Preferences > Add Ons > Import / Export. I can go to Install Add-On and point to my own addons directory. There is a load of .py files. I can click one, install it and it fails to appear in the import/export list. I am supposed to be looking for the Plasma Delevopment Enviroment option to enable. Nope!

Obviously something is missing here and I would be grateful if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong.

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2011, 09:36 am 
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I have not yet added PyPRP to my Blender 2.57b. So, I'm doing some guessing.

The guide for installing PyPRP 2 is not where I expected it to be: PYPRP2 INSTALLATION GUIDE

I use the Blender Zip Archive when installing new Blender versions now. See Blender 2.57b Released for more on installing the Archive. I fought with Blender versions and Python versions messing up my other programs for some time. So, I switched to the Zip Archive style of install as it is much simpler and does not interfere with my other software.

In that install there is an ADDONS folder. Blender(whatever folder one unzips to)/2.57/scripts/addons. The README.txt in the PyPRP ZIP file points one to this folder. The README path includes %APPDATA% which may or may not be used depending on how you install and your Windows version.

As best I can tell all 2.57 versions have the Add-ons folder as there are a number of add-ons included in the default style install. So, if you haven't found the folder you are looking in the wrong place. It may help you find the correct place if you open a command line and type "echo %APPDATA%" (without quotes). In Vista and Win7 click START and type CMD to open a command line window.

There are install options that can complicate where Windows places files. If you are still having problems finding the folder, click START and type "addons" (no quotes) and you'll get a list of folder locations. Using Explorer Search may be easier.

The PyPRP folder goes in addons. The files within the BIN folder are copied to the same folder that has the blender.exe file, the install directory. Don't drag the BIN folder there. Only the files within it.

Once the files are in the correct folders be sure to check File->User Preferences... -> Add-ons tab. Make sure the add-on is enabled.

Right now Blender documentation and Google searches are mostly showing older version information. The best information I could find is here: Add Ons Release Notes

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