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PostPosted: 13 Jan 2012, 02:41 am 
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12 January 2012
rarified wrote:
A game and server update tonight:

Changes in this update
  • Game script updates from H'uru team
    • D'Lanor:
      xChatChannelRegion v3.3 - Remove players from private chat channel if they link out
      xKI - Unknown senders of buddy messages are added to the Recents lists
      philBookshelf v1.1 - Hut camera no longer affects others when a player disengages the bookshelf
    • Adam Johnson:
      Fixed Jalak column saving/loading
  • Server updates:
    • CJkelly1:
      Changed VaultSendNode handling to make the sending player the owner of the noderef. Also changed the order of the SQL function parameters to match the order in the code.
    • A'moaca':
      Fix SDL filename comparison to be case independent

New or fixed features that need testing
  • With multiple players in Phil's Relto, have someone open and close books from the bookshelf. Other players should not have their "camera"view affected by that player's actions.
  • Have other players add you as a "buddy", then send a message to all buddies. That player should appear in the "recent" KI list.
  • If you have established a private chat channel with others, have one or more of those players link out of the current age. They should disappear from the chat list and not see any further chat messages to that private channel.
  • Confirm you can save and restore Jalak game states
  • Make sure that the sender of a KI message is properly identified in the recipient's received message header.
  • See if the DRC vest is available in Phil's Relto.

As usual, send in bug reports to!


"Private chat channels" involve the hood egg rooms.

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