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Elodea Walkthrough
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Author:  Dulcamara [ 04 Nov 2015, 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  Elodea Walkthrough

The try of a Walkthrough :D


Station of the Cloth
Eldoea.jpg [ 108.65 KiB | Viewed 16622 times ]

First a short explanation of all ages

Elodea is a age consisting of four separate ages.
ElodeasOberwelt (Upperworld)
ElodeasUnterwelt (Underworld)
ElodeasTunnelgang (Tunnel passage)
ElodeasSchatzkammern (Treasure rooms)

Each age is playable individually for themselves.
In each of these ages you'll find 7 journeyclothes. Did you find all 7 in one of the ages, a previously closed area will be available for you.

The Journey Cloth have a fixed placement. It is possible that you find the cloth 4, befor cloth 3.
This does not affect the gameplay.
It is possible that another player pushes in front of you cloth 3, 4 and 5. So you have only to find 1,2,6 and 7 to open the hidden Door.

When you visit Elodea, you'll first linked in a large hall. You 're in the upper world.
On the wall you see a cloth. It is not the usual Journeycloth, which you know from the original games.
It is a link cloth. You should not use it unless you Elodea visiting for the first time.
The cloth should be a help, to find the connection to a group more quickly, for example after a crash.

In each of the four ages you will find again this cloth. There, too, it has only the function of a
link cloth!!!

For all, who do not want to see spoiler. STOP at this point

Go down the long corridor, not jumping headlong out the window, but looking for the hidden button which opens the access to the lower regions.
On your way to the office, you should see your first journey cloth.
Go to the office, read the Journal. Read also the black book in the shelf.
Go into the second room and find an indication of a color code.
There are two ways to exit the cave.
1. A courageous jump into the water.
2. You can find a hidden button that makes you the way.

Outside the cave:
The way to cloth 2
1. Swim around the island and find your way into the cave.
2. Climb the ladder to the summit, then descend another ladder. Find a route to the grotto.
Caution risk of falling.

Again outside the cave:
The way to cloth 3
Go into the village and find a way to conquer the water tower.

The way to cloth 4

Go into the mine. Find a second indication of the color code.
Give the code on the buttons.
Run to the door that opens. Caution! Risk of falling.

The way to cloth 5
Find first the ship in the cave in the northeast of the island.
Climbing upwards. Locate the note for Puzzle 2
Go up the mountain with the church. Follow the sign indicating to eternal rest.
Take just before the church the path leading off to the left.
Enter the code and open the door.
Find Cloth 5
Caution risk of falling.

The way to cloth 6

1. Climbing near the waterfall from above into the cave and look at yourself in the first space exactly.
2. Step into the caves through the entrance on the right, next to the sign.
Go through all the caves and find the exit to the waterfall.

The way to cloth 7
Go to the lake. Near the bridge you will find a water grotto, there you should be able to find.

Cloth 1 to 7 you have found. The mechanism of the door was unlocked.
Now go again to church, read the story of Elodea.
Find the green door in the mountains, you can open now.
Find a green sphere with D'ni numbers.

Pay attention to the red.

Now you have the code "key" for your next age:
ElodeasUnterwelt (Underworld)

Find the way to Elodeas Underworld:
See the notice (image with waterfall) in one of the huts in the village.

Find the hidden button on the bridge triggers a mechanism.
Caution! Wait for the end of the animation. Then start your running. (Panic Region)

You have found the link book to ElodeasUnderworld.

I hope you have fun


ELODEAS UNDERWORLD (has not been updated yet)

Station of the Cloth

EldoeasUnterwelt.jpg [ 133.91 KiB | Viewed 16622 times ]

You arrived the Underworld behind the waterfall.
Warning: Don't touch the link cloth on rocks (Online only. Only applies to your first visit)

For all, who do not want to see spoiler. STOP at this point

The way to cloth 1
Cloth 1 is located in the upper part of the underworld.
You are standing at the waterfall and look on a ladder in the cave.
Keep it first left. You'll find the cloth quickly. But to reach is not so easy.
Go behind the cable reel. A hidden way leads you to a lantern on a rock.
Find the hidden button. Take the ladder down.

Caution risk of failing.

For cloth 2-7 you have to find the way to the underworld.

Go back to the waterfall. Keep the way on the right.
You crossed a long corridor at the end you're viewing a blue ball.
Touch the ball and you have arrived in the underworld.

The way to cloth 2
The underworld is composed of different floors.
Stay first upstairs and go to the next gear (go past the staircase) until you again reach a staircase.
They will take you one floor up in a library.

Go down to the middle of Elodea underworld.
There you'll find a map.

MapElodeasUnderworld.jpg [ 89.6 KiB | Viewed 16622 times ]

The way to cloth 3

Cloth 3 is located in the goldmine. (Map)
If you get to the heart of the goldmine, eighth on the way back to a hidden passage.

The way to cloth 4

Outside the goldmine. You see stones in front of you. A ladder leads down to the ledge of the wall.
Go until you're at cloth 4 arrived.
(near the cloth, ladder upward, is a hidden button opens a door. No puzzle, not affect the gameplay.)

The way to cloth 5

To find cloth 5 you have to go in the galaxy. Look at the location on the map.
Go on the edge to the middle of the ball. Locate the button that triggers a mechanism.
Try your way to the unknown.

The way to cloth 6

Cloth 6 is located in the green garden. (Map)
Keep your eyes open. Especially upwards.

The way to cloth 7

Cloth 7 is located in a labyrinth beneath the church and the hospital.
Go near the sun gate. There is a hidden entrance in the building below the church.
The button (hard to see) is to the right of the entrance in the height of the waist.
In the labyrinth you'll find Cloth 7. Also you find the linkbook to the next age:
ElodeasTunnelgang = Elodeas Tunnel passage

You've now found cloth 1-7. The door seemed closed previously is now unlocked.
The door (carpet) is located on the same floor as the church.

Go to church. Locate the exit to the corridor.
Keep left, until you arrived the carpet.
The button on the door can be pressed now.


Use the code. You got him in the upper world. (green ball)
See on the ground. Count from black.
You find a hint (key) for Treasurerooms (picture)
(Do not get confused by the number. Sorry)

Now you have several options:

Explore this age of your own risk. :lol:
Exit the age to Nexus. :cry:
Go to Relto. :?:
Go back to the upper world. ;)

The right way is:
Go back to the labyrinth. :idea: :)

Find the linkbook and reach
Elodeas Tunnel passage.

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