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 Post subject: Lost Pages
PostPosted: 25 Jul 2010, 03:08 am 
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Shorah all

My apologies for my long absence. The events earlier this year, culminating in the loss of my intended home in the new world to an ugly and unanticipated blight, affected me deeply. Only now am I beginning to surface.

The turning point seems to have been towards the end of June, when I found a slip of paper tucked into one of my aunt's journals.


That night, I linked back to the new world for the first time in weeks. In the quiet and solitude, I roamed the islands of Deepwater, Waysmeet and Curiosity, drinking in the peace and the gentle beauty.

On Miss Paislee's island of Curiosity, I found a memorial inscribed with strange runes -- Celtic by the look of them. I took a copy of the page, and placed it in the memorial's shadow. It seems I was not alone in my grieving, for a freshly cut flower had been placed on the stone slab top.

 Post subject: Re: Lost Pages
PostPosted: 29 Jul 2010, 12:00 pm 
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Joined: 15 Jun 2009, 10:22 pm
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I have returned from a very fruitful few days spent in the spheres' source world.

Having ascertained that the monitors in the sky lab over Lost Pages region were working correctly, I decided to pay a visit to the island of Curiosity, where Miss Paislee has settled. This was the first time that I have ventured there in daylight since the painful loss of the transferred Devokan and my hoped-for island of Skysong.

I was not looking forward to confronting the evidence of destroyed hopes. However, what greeted me in that island was so astonishing and surprising that such black thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind.

First, there was no sign of the sky island that had formed from the blighted remnants of my beloved Devokan -- the sky to the north of Curiosity was clear of all obstructions.

As I was standing there, looking up in amazement, I heard Miss Paislee's voice: 'Quin! It is so good to see you! We have missed you -- where have you been for the past few weeks?'

I turned, and there was the lady herself. Greetings exchanged, Miss Paislee proceeded to relate what had been happening during my absence.

Now, the science underlying the strange spheres is not fully understood, but they seem to obey some of the usual rules of Newtonian physics. What Miss Paislee described could be seen as a classic instance of action and reaction. For at the same time as the land of Selenitica was being formed in this Universe via the seed sphere in the Tower, the sky island to the north of Curiosity had disappeared!

Unfortunately, the disappearance was accompanied by instability within Curiosity itself, manifested by a landslip that part destroyed the walkway along the cliff, and sent a small holiday cottage plunging into the sea. I was becoming most alarmed at that point in Miss Paislee's narration -- and, if I am honest, feeling a little guilty that my selfish desire to restore something that I valued had resulted in such an event.

I questioned Miss Paislee closely about the exact circumstances. She reassured me that no one was injured, and that nothing had been lost that was of value -- in fact, she had slept through it all.

But she was obviously excited by one consequence of the landslip. 'Come, Quin, come and see what has been opened up!'

I followed her carefully down the rocks exposed by the slip. At the furthest edge, she pointed: 'Do you see that opening, just above the sea surface?' I nodded an assent. 'We will need to swim for the next part,' Miss Paislee continued.

I was a little alarmed by this, for it suggested that Miss Paislee had already investigated whatever it was, on her own -- and so I remonstrated with her, though to no avail; she simply laughed at me, and told me not to be so old-fashioned.

To cut a long story short, we dived into the sea, took a deep breath and swam under the rock portal.

For it was indeed a portal. Surfacing the other side, regaining my breath, I looked around. We were in a large cave, some 15 metres in diameter. An eerie light played on the cave roof. The air in the cave was fresh, suggesting that there was a natural vent somewhere.

We scrambled onto the rocky floor and made our way up the slope. Towards the top was a circular tunnel, its walls looking as though they had been smoothed by the action of flowing water over aeons. We followed the curve of the tunnel, the strange light I had noticed on the entrance cave roof becoming brighter.

The sight that greeted me as we emerged from the tunnel ... words have failed me...

There are so many details and 'coincidences' I need to think through and check out. More later.

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