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PostPosted: 10 Apr 2010, 03:39 pm 
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I'm playing with an idea to make the larger guild hall Lehm modeled on North Restoration island. I'll have to see how that process goes.

I like playing with particles, so I've made some new spheres. I'm using Jopsey's particle scripts. Drop by and tip Jopsey (in SL) when you go by to pick up his newer scripts. The Particle Lab has lots of new stuff. Also, some newer yet stuff is waiting on server updates. I have some scripts I want to use waiting on server updates.

It is amazing several of the things I wished for in SL scripting are already built into OpenSim scripting. One can use a script to write Note Cards! Oh wow!

See my post on enabling OSSL extensions on

I am also thinking of making a note card giver for new visitors to the islands. No one wants to be a Ruth... or Rutherford... I am finding more places with handy stuff. Exploring OSGrid is hard. All trial and error seems.

I'm thinking of how to build the guild hall and make story work for a slow build process. For now I'm thinking the spheres and reaching into various times to pull parts of the age/building back will work. I decided to build on a sky platform and bring down updated versions as I progress. I'll have links up in my apartment sky box. All the teleporters are working now. I need to update some scripts, but they all work. The trick is knowing where I hid the ones the the apartment. It's at 300m if you have to fly up. Once there you'll figure out where the rest of the tp's are.

For now I am getting the terrain shaped. I bounce all over doing whatever moves me at the moment. I am working on both islands at the same time...

I plan to put up a sign at my main landing point and some new visitor information. I think I'll have freebies out on the loading dock. May be an Uru welcome package would be nice.

I'm rambling... enough.

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