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PostPosted: 26 Oct 2009, 12:49 am 
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Having been cooped up and just regaining my ability to travel I recently traveled to Devokan. It has been some time since I visited and when I was last there earthquakes were breaking the place up. The quakes certainly changed the terrain. I was surprised the residents have cleaned up the damage and re-built already, considering the huge changes in the land this amazing. The quality of construction and landscaping has turned the village into a wonderful place.



The guild hall is completely gone. An older style stone building called the Keep apparently replaces it.

In the village center is a telepad and bulletin board. The board seems to be where residents, friends and visitors are leaving notes for each other. In the picture I’m standing next to it. Check it out for interesting things. I learned that two mysterious rocks have appeared in Devokan near the caravan Quinquifid was using. These act like the linking books the D’ni had.

I found a huge library… I’m sure the Devokan’s I know did not write these books… So much read… and I found a cat reading a book… so Alice in Wonderland. More than I can handle for now. I will have to return soon.

OOC: Several of the more recent pictures are taken with KirstenLee's S18 viewer using dynamic shadows.

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PostPosted: 28 Oct 2009, 03:22 am 
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An old friend from The Meeting Place has joined us in Devokan. Mat, who is an artist, has moved into the Lighthouse. He is a very bubbly person -- full of fun, and ideas. He's already come up with an excellent suggestion that we hope to get going over the next couple of months -- details to follow. Paislee is excited by the possibilities.

Yesterday evening, Mat showed me around his new home, and I duly admired his concept art for a game he and some friends had developed a while back. We stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, and a new friend, Holli, came up to join us.

While we were chatting away about plans and possibilities, I noticed something odd on my map HUD. There was someone there, but instead of being indicated by a green or yellow dot (for general person and known friend respectively), this was a deep blue dot.

I excused myself from the conversation, explaining what was happening. I normally like to go to greet and welcome visitors to the island, and so went across to where they were. The visitor was a Linden (i.e. one of the employees of Linden Labs), dressed ready for Halloween as the Grim Reaper. They made no acknowledgement of my greeting, instead prowling around the area in front of the Inn.

I shrugged, and returned to the others.

A moment later, I noticed that the blue dot on the HUD had been joined by a second. Since it seemed they were busy, I decided not to disturb them a second time. But I found the incident intriguing.

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