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 Post subject: Renting in Devokan
PostPosted: 13 Aug 2009, 02:18 am 
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In her review of 'Inspired by Channelwood' on the MOUL forum, Nalates said in passing:
I did not ask if these tree houses in Channelwood-like area are going to be for rent. But what a neat place it would be to live.

Since I'm a manager for the Devokan estate (all two sims of it), it might be helpful to set out the current options, explain some of the thinking behind them, and invite people who might be interested in joining us at Devokan to get in touch.

In Devokan, prims are rented rather than houses or skyboxes.

There are two types of packs available: one for furniture if you live in one of the village buildings, another for free builds.

Four village buildings are currently available:
The Stables -- 100 prims for US5 per calendar month
Woodland Retreat -- 200 prims for US$10 per calendar month
The Lighthouse -- 200 prims for US$10 per calendar month
Old Mill Cottage -- 400 prims for US$20 per calendar month

Free-build base pack (seven packs are currently available):
125 prims for US$5 per calendar month

Payment should be made in US$ via Paypal to the estate account (details will be provided), and is due on the 1st day of each month. All rental fees help towards paying Linden Labs for the use of the sims.

If you wish to park an airship or develop your own sky place to live in, rent the number of free-build packs needed. If you choose a cottage and need more prims, add a free-build pack to your monthly rental.

Airships can be parked between 200m and 400m. Attractive steampunk-style sky buildings are welcome between 600m and 1000m -- these can be prefab or self-build (the sim owners are happy to advise on 'attractive' ;) ). Relto-style sky islands can be built between 1250m and 2000m. Dot has a variety of sky build bases, should you need one.

If you wish to have a personal, totally enclosed sandbox for building (max 25x25m), these can be placed between 3250m and 3750m.

Renters at Devokan get full use of the shared sim-sized sandbox at 3000m, and are welcome to take part in team projects for the next-door sim, Discover Devokan. This presents a great opportunity for everyone to develop skills in texture making, building, scripting and terraforming.

Writers, role-players and puzzle developers are also very welcome -- Devokan is inspired in particular by the Myst/Uru games developed by Cyan, and themes/stories will be linked in some way to the Myst/Uru worlds.

Our aim is to enjoy learning together in a mutually supportive environment, and to bring pleasure and enjoyment to others through our creativity.

Edit 1: There are photos of some of the places in this photo blog (I met the chap one morning -- communication was tricky since he spoke Spanish and I only speak English):

Woodland Retreat is on the left of the 3rd photo down, and the Lighthouse tower is seen in the distance. Old Mill Cottage is depicted in the 6th photo.

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