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 Post subject: What Devokan is for
PostPosted: 22 Jun 2009, 11:32 pm 
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Quinquifid wasn't the only individual to disappear over the weekend! ;)

In RL, Paislee's internet connection was zapped by the electric storms in the US. However, during that time offline, she was able to put together some notes that express what she and I intend for the area called Devokan -- a covenant in SL parlance. This will be displayed when someone decides they would like to become a resident, and will also be available via the menu item World > About Land, Covenant tag.

Dot Macchi and Paislee Myrtle, working in partnership, have created Devokan (both The Village and Discover Devokan) to be a place of relaxation and friendship suffused with the satisfaction of play and lifelong learning. Devokan (in ancient D’ni language from Myst) means HOPE. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy your time in this world!

Courtesy: It is our desire that all residents and visitors enjoy our quaint village and its accompanying lands while remaining aware that behind each SL person there is a RL person with feelings. In accordance with our PG lands, refrain from any unseemly behavior and dress. Please treat each resident and visitor as you would enjoy being treated were you to meet each other in the “real” world.

Role Play: An element of role play does exist in Devokan –- echoes of times past and things Myst-erious are common here. Residents and guests are welcome to engage in role play or not as they so choose. The owners of this region have a long history of participation in the Myst games, Uru, Until Uru and MOUL, and enjoy the storylines created by Cyan in those games. So, you may notice a blending of those themes with a little steampunk, a little village life, and (as a resident) a chance to create in Discover Devokan!

Structures: Residents’ homes need to be regarded as private areas but all other village areas are freely accessible and use of them is encouraged! If residents desire to replace the cottages supplied by Dot and Paislee with their own structure, we ask they remember that the new buildings need to fit the existing theme of the region. For example, who would see a skyscraper or other modern building in a quaint village of long ago?

Sky Islands: Sky islands are placed in the sky only by the owners of the region and are deliberately placed low enough in the sky for good views of the terrain below and easy flight time for airships.

Discover Devokan Terraforming: All residents are free to experiment with editing terrain and/or building objects on the ground level of Discover Devokan provided they discuss their intention with the owners and other residents in advance of any large project that will impact the scenery of the region. It is expected that nothing on Discover Devokan will be a permanent installation. Instead we envision a rotation of environments and other creations (perhaps monthly or bi-monthly) that enable us to further our skills in shaping and furnishing our world. In addition an area above ground has been secured to enable residents to experiment with building objects that need to be left out until completed.

Problems: Residents, please bring any needs or problems to the attention of owners, Paislee and Dot. We do appreciate you as friends and neighbors, and will do our best to reach a satisfactory resolution!

This too is an area Paislee and I are learning about -- There does not have an equivalent (and both of us are pretty experienced in building community areas in There). We have been looking at existing covenants wherever we link to in SL, and have been trying to find a way to express what we hope for the region while setting out reasonable boundaries. As time goes on, the words may need to be revisited, as we learn what works and what doesn't. But we genuinely want the process to be transparent.

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