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PostPosted: 02 Jul 2009, 09:23 am 
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One reason why I believe a mix of Uru:CC/OSMO and other online worlds is necessary:

It takes months of dedicated hard work to create an age in Uru:CC. The same is probably true of ages on the shards (which I hope will have the decency to remain underground until open source is fully available on Cyan's terms).

Uru fans are a mixed bunch. Some of them like to have ongoing story available in game. That was one of the points of Sharper's journal -- you could go and see if he had written anything more since you last visited the cavern. Sadly, those regular updates stopped, and ages became static. The only way fresh stories could be told was by role play, not by artefacts or changes within the ages themselves.

That will probably also apply to Uru:CC/OSMO ages. The effort of changing them is simply too great to enable speedy in-game changes to reflect external events on the forums or elsewhere.

However, in the much berated/hated SL, events CAN shape environment. For example, last night Quinquifid retired for sleep in his airship home. When he awoke...

Yes, events on the forum overnight shaped what happened in Devokan overnight. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

First, I am furious over the arrogance, rudeness and lack of common sense displayed by some (mostly not those in GoMa I hasten to add). I have had enough.

Secondly, the ease of building in SL democratises the development of parallel 'ages', and enables teams to collaborate in building structures -- including simple coding and interactivity -- and developing short puzzle quests. It gives them the satisfaction of being able to create in their world, and with care the results are of reasonable quality (remember: this is from a perfectionist).

In June the Devokan team has been able to produce its first story -- backed up by details in buildings and landscape and in GoMa forum posts -- and puzzle quest. On Sunday that was explored and enjoyed in real time and online by a good-natured, happy group (photos).

Understand: I am NOT saying that other online worlds should take the place of Uru:CC/OSMO. Nor am I saying that one or the other is 'better' in some way. What I am saying is that for some people both will be essential.

However, I quite understand if because of this it is felt that GoMa forum is no longer a suitable home for these experiments. I will think it a great pity, because this is the one place (as far as I can see) where stories of Uru:CC/OSMO ages might be woven together with those developed in other online worlds.


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