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Age Tutorial Image Issue
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Author:  andylegate [ 10 May 2018, 06:24 am ]
Post subject:  Age Tutorial Image Issue

Hey, long time no see everyone.

A ghost from the past got in touch with me today and told me that there was an issue with my images in all my tutorials I had posted here.

First: surprised anyone was still using them.

Second: all the images were hosted on Photobucket, who at some point changed their policy on their members being able to share images hosted there. Instead of being free anymore, you have to pay, hence the broken images.

It also turns out that they want people to pay almost $400.00 (USD) a year to have unlimited access to the photos. order to fix this, I will be uploading the pictures to Imgur and then going in to the tutorials and replacing the links so that they pics in the tutorials can be seen.

This will take me a bit of time, so please be patient. I dropped out of the MOUL scene quite a while ago, and a lot of my life is tied up as a moderator over at AboveTopSecret (conspiracy site) and other things in my life. I play games now instead of trying to make things, as it is a lot less stressful, no real drama, and just a bit more fun for me.

So check back once in a while to see if I got links upgraded.

Author:  Tweek [ 16 Sep 2018, 09:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Age Tutorial Image Issue


Thanks Andy :)

Author:  EmorDniLap [ 27 Nov 2018, 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Age Tutorial Image Issue

Andy, thank you for doing this maintenance work!

YES! your invaluable tutorials ARE still very much in use.
You're right, there aren't a lot of users of the Max/Plasma agebuilding approach - but there are a couple dozen, worldwide, that continue with The Art to this day.
And we all refer to your Very Helpful tutorials on a regular basis.

It'll be great when we don't have to see that "Hosted By Photobucket" stamp obscuring important stuff in your images!

(I admit that I have been using the version of your work at, where they host the images directly!)

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