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Resurrection of a Neighborhood, KI #6735056
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Author:  Theo1728 [ 24 Sep 2017, 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Resurrection of a Neighborhood, KI #6735056

In November 2015, Zeke365 founded Developer's' Hood, a public hood to serve as an environment for Age creators to meet to hone their skills. Zeke left us a few weeks ago, and in his wake the care of this Hood has fallen to me, Obelisk. I have a different vision for this Hood though: I think it should be a showcase for Fan Age efforts and a point of coordination for expeditions and tours.

It is my intent to showcase Fan Ages: to post graphics from those Ages in the Developer's' Hood imager, to organize expeditons and tours of the more exceptional Fan Ages in the Shards, and maybe this hood will become a tech clearing house too, but if so it will start with support for getting explorers access to Uru Shards.

Obelisk KI #6735056

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