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 Post subject: Hellloooooo?
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2011, 02:23 pm 
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This is eerily like playing a Myst game, and walking into an abandoned, well-used place with lots of history and clues everywhere, and trying to figure out how to turn on all of the machines again.

I've just started playing Riven on my iPhone, so that's where my head is.

If it turns out I can actually get any of this new stuff to run on my old laptop, I think I'd like to somehow get involved again. Assuming, of course, I'm not alone.

I guess I'll need to log onto MOULa and finish getting all of my pillars and returning to the city. It's been so long .....


Montgomery - Grand Master of Inspections (ret.)

 Post subject: Re: Hellloooooo?
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2011, 06:42 pm 
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Hi Montgomery,
There are a few people around GoMa. Most of the activity with the new open source is happening at They have spiffed up the web site, forum, wiki, and support services. The site is turning into the code management hub for open source uru.

The ages made for the older Uru Live engine live will have problems running on MOSS. Someone will have to find a way to convert them. Or they will have to be rebuilt.

There are the other servers like Aclugs. I'm unclear how MOSS like or compatible they are. With the code out I'm sure we will see lots of revisions and updates. The code release will provide lots of answers. The existing work will be upgraded with that information.

The hang up is the distribution of the game files. The DVD versions of the game files cannot be distributed. So, a server must send a player to Cyan to download games files (similar to what happens in the Uru Live game now at logon). This means they will be using MOUL format files.

The alternative, afaik, is to use the Complete Chronicle files. The player then has to come up with those some how. Like buy the game. Which creates a free verse pay-for situation. As I understand it, one must use one or the other with a given server and client.

The CWE/MOSS set and the Drizzle/CC set simply won't use the same prp files. If I've got that wrong someone will correct me. But, this creates a problem for many existing ages built to run in Drizzle/CC. Folks have been converting from MOUL format to CC format to get the MOUL ages. Now we will see that turn around and things change to use MOUL format.

The Blender tools are not set to produce worlds for use with MOSS. So the Blender tools will go through a revision.

We will see a time line where the CWE and CWMax Plugin are adapted to work well with MOSS and the Cyan server. We don't know when we will get the Cyan server. I expect this to motivate people to build for MOSS as those builds will be most likely to to have a chance of being on the Cyan server. Currently that limits people to 3DS Max. Blender types are at a disadvantage until new stuff is made for them.

So, we are still some distance form getting into ages running on MOSS/CWE. But, now is a good time to start thinking of whether to setup a GoMa test server.

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 Post subject: Re: Hellloooooo?
PostPosted: 02 May 2011, 08:02 am 
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Hey boss long time no see.

I'm one to talk however lurking for what is it five years now?

Anyway see you in cavern hopefully; it's been very boring but I hope the sources will change that.

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