Welcome to Guild of Maintainers


The mission of the Guild of Maintainers is:
To serve the Community, throughout the Cavern and Ages.

While the Uru community waited patiently for the Cavern to be officially reopened, the guild continued to be active in many areas.

The main work of the guild is to inspect explorer-written Ages (testing them for possible problems in other words) both while they are being developed (should the Age Creator ask for this) and after they have been released to the community.

Then, as with the D'ni maintainers of old, some present-day maintainers are students of the Art of Age Creation. In parallel with the Guild of Writers, the guild offers resources, tutorials, trouble-shooting discussion and support to all.

Now the Cavern has been reopened to all, many members are involved in organizing social events and role-playing opportunities.

Others have set up areas in other online worlds where sections of the Uru community have gathered. For example, on the OSgrid and in Second Life, guild members are particularly involved with the Devokan areas, developing skills in building, scripting, puzzle-making, story-telling.

Why 'Devokan'? -- Because it is the D'ni word for 'hope'. For it is with hope that we continue to move forward as a guild, keeping the Uru dream alive in our work and in our friendships.

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